Setulya is a web based drinking water bottle jar production, distribution and tracking system. This product is designed to meet the requirements of customers who are manufacturer as well as distributor of water bottle of 20L, 1.0L and 0.5L. They often find it difficult to handlle customer master data, delivery tracking and confirmation of sales. Setulya make this water bottle manufacturing and distribution transparent which will benefit to both manufacturers as well as it customers. This system removes the manual error and increase the profit by eradicating human mistakes during loading, delivering and confirming sales in the system. Setulya is highly automated system. Its validation are controlled by programs to make it user friendly. There are very few fields to be filled by both filler (Operator) and driver (Pilot). Pilots panel is very user friendly and just three click work. Setulya reporting system will make its owner aware of every move of business online sitting anywhere. They can track their business online and anytime.


  • System is well validated and auto controlled every fields which make it easy and simple for Pilot and Operator in filling data.
  • Owner of the system get various sales report from which they do analysis and take action to increase sales or improve business.
  • Price for each customers are maintained in data base and can be edited by owner as on when required.
  • SMS delivery to both customer and manufacturer after delivery completed. It makes customer and owner aware of sale every time.
  • Owner can track in real time status of bottle quantity in vehicle when its out for sales and delivery.
  • Total cash received by pilot and balance at customer is automatically calculated. SMS of sale is sent to both customers and owners.
  • Stock of water jar at customer side is maintained in system and its returned is tracked. By this loss of bottle jar is controlled.


  • Admin
  • Stock
  • Distribution
  • Invoice
  • Purchase
  • Customer Management


  • Jar Filling Report
  • Daily Bottle Distribution Report
  • Vehicle wise sales Report
  • Customer payment Report
  • Inventory Report
  • Real Time Delivery Report

Future Modules

  • Online Payments thourgh payment gateway
  • Online ticketing system for the clients to send issues/changes in system
  • GPS for vehicle tracking in real time


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